At Restore2Pure, we specialize in mobile smart repairs. Our team is ready to back you up in any critical situation related to your car. All makes and models, any location. Opt for smart repair Nottingham and surrounding areas to protect your vehicle 100%. The Restore2Pure professionals know how to make your car get back to wheels in no time!

Smart Repair Nottingham and More

What kind of smart repair Nottingham and surrounding areas do we offer? Please, scroll down to find the full list of services that the Restore2Pure smart repair specialists can provide.

Our Mobile Smart Repair Services

Scuffs & Scratches

Let’s get those unsightly car scratches and scuffs gone!  We can remove those scratches and scrapes caused, for example, by accidental incidents in close parking facilities or the annoyance of intentional vandalism. Whether one scratch or multiple scuffs, this work can typically be completed within a couple of hours.   We are a fully mobile car body shop offering SMART repairs to Mansfield, Nottingham, Derby and surrounding areas.


Paint chips are typically caused by loose road stones and debris flicked up by other vehicles in transit and our own vehicle tyres. Areas of road works, poor road conditions and periods of poor weather can often increase the volume of debris on the road and leave you victim to paint damage and chips. Normally found at the front of your vehicle this type of damage can adversely affect the value of your car yet easy to rectify and remove.

Minor Dents

Our cutting edge technology and equipment enables us to not just conceal minor dents but to remove them completely. Many of us have fallen foul to opening our doors to unnoticed bollards and posts or the other driver that had misjudged their reversing and driven away. We effectively and efficiently remove all the stress and upset this can cause and will ensure your car is good as new.

Lacquer Peel

The most common problem that comes into the frame of car lacquer damage is that it begins to peel off over time, leaving the paint and the framework underneath vulnerable to even more damage.  If the clear coat peels out and the paint layer is damaged, your vehicle will need a paint rework. Fixing clear coat damage at an earlier stage will not only save your money but also time and frustration. Also, the clear coat offers added rust protection which makes clear coat not only cosmetic but a structural part of your vehicle.

Cigarette Burns

Cigarette burn removals are one of the most in-demand mobile smart repair services at Restore2Pure. We realize that one burn can ruin the look of your vehicle’s interior. At the same time, it is not an eye-opener that it would be expensive to replace a whole seat cover for one small hole. So, come to Restore2Pure, and our smart repair specialists will remove the burn leaving your car upholstery hole-free at a fraction of the cost of replacing the material.

Alloy Repairs

Scuffed and scraped alloys are unfortunately part of a driver’s daily battle. However, now there is a way to avoid all the hustle and bustle. Opt for smart repair Nottingham from Resore2Pure. Our smart repair specialists can work miracles when it comes to repairing  minor damage to wheel spokes and rims. Our fully qualified technicians will carry out alloy wheel refurbishment and repairs to the highest standard, ensuring your wheels are looking their best.


… performed in a convenient and cost-effective way. Get in touch with our managers for a quick consultation now!

Other Mobile Smart Repair Services on Our List

Apart from the services mentioned above, we also offer smart repair Derby and neighboring areas concerning:


  • Сontract Work

  • Insurance Work

  • Fully Mobile Service

  • Professional Service